TIMA Tokyo Inc. started selling “SUPALIV”, “Twendee X”, and “Twendee MTCONTROL” on Amazon U.S.

June 7, 2023

TIMA Tokyo Inc. started selling “SUPALIV”, “Twendee X”, and “Twendee MTCONTROL” on Amazon U.S.

TIMA Tokyo Inc., committed to contributing to global health and future with its innovative products, is pleased to announce the launch of three Japanese best-selling products on Amazon in the United States.

This new venture is a significant milestone for the company as it continues to propel its business into international markets. TIMA Tokyo Inc. is widely recognized for its cutting-edge antioxidant products, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality and effectiveness.

The three products making their debut on Amazon are as follows:

[SUPALIV – Patented Industry-leading supplement for alcohol metabolism with the golden ratio of 8 active ingredients]
Amazon URL:
Product Info: https://antioxidant.online/supaliv-100tablets/

[Twendee X – Industry-leading Anti-oxidative supplement from more than 15 years of antioxidant research]
Amazon URL: https://a.co/d/iHAfSE7
Product info: https://antioxidant.online/twendeex-100tablets/

[Twendee MTCONTROL – Industry-leading Mitochondrial nutritional supplementary food with 7 new ingredients added on the basis of oxicut]
Amazon URL: https://a.co/d/fG74IRB
Product info: https://antioxidant.online/twendee-mtcontrol-100-tablets/

“We are delighted to introduce these three popular Japanese products to the US market,” says Sho Tanaka, CEO of TIMA Tokyo Inc. “Our mission has always been to create innovative products and contribute to the health and future of people around the world. With this launch, we can deliver our innovative, scientifically-backed antioxidant products to a global audience.”

Users of Amazon in the US can now immediately purchase these products from Amazon. For more information and to place orders for these products, please refer to the Amazon URLs provided above.

About TIMA Group

Since starting its operations in 2001, TIMA Group. has taken up the mission of “Creating innovative products and contributing to the health and future of people worldwide.” It has been supporting research areas, particularly those not covered by major pharmaceutical companies, from around the world. Its projects, led primarily by the research team under Prof. Haruhiko Inufusa, the Chief Development Officer, have achieved impressive results in areas such as gene therapy for glioma brain tumors, reducing health damage from alcohol, metabolic syndrome primarily diabetes research, suppressing reactive oxygen species (anti-aging), and the development of new antibiotics that cannot produce drug resistance.

TIMA Group’s products are manufactured in collaboration with research institutes and researchers around the world, centering on the Antioxidant Research Division of Gifu University and the Antioxidant Research Laboratory of the Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center, where Prof Haruhiko Inufusa, who is responsible for the development of our products, is a member. Research results are presented in papers and conference presentations.

If you would like to see the data of our papers, please visit the following TIMA Group website or Google Scholar.

Our site : https://timajapan.com/en/presentation/
Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.co.jp/schhp?hl=ja

If you would like to see our patent data, please refer to the main granted patents below.
(You can search by title or patent number in Google Patent Search. Many international patents are still pending)

・Japan Patent Office, Patent No. 5777821: Composition for protection against cytotoxic effects
・Japan Patent Office Patent No. 5785581 Composition for moderating alcohol metabolism and reducing the risk of alcohol-induced diseases
・Alcohol metabolism moderating composition WO 2005077464 A1
・Novel compositions and uses thereof WO 2008071790 A3
・Antioxidant composition and its use in diabetes EP 1932542 A1
・Composition for accelerating alcohol metabolism and for reducing the risk of alcohol induced diseases WO 2012095509 A8
・Composition for moderating triglyceride and cholesterol levels WO 2009062910 A1
・Optimized oral glucose tolerance test US 7886697 B2
・Compositions and uses thereof US 8633192 B2