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About Twendee X
Twendee X is an antioxidant formula containing 8 kinds of active ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, vitamins, and amino acids, developed by Professor Haruhiko Inufusa of the Department of Antioxidant Research, Center for Scientific Research and Innovation, Gifu University.

In 2014, ICDD (France), a company that researches and measures a number of antioxidants, evaluated it as having the world's most powerful antioxidant effect, and in 2019, in a clinical study led by the Evidence Committee of the Japanese Society for the Prevention of Dementia, it was confirmed for the first time in the world that it suppressed the progression of mild cognitive impairment. It is an antioxidant combination drug. It has also been shown to be effective in a number of allergic diseases that are believed to cause immune imbalance. In particular, 95% of asthma sufferers who participated in a monitoring survey reported a reduction in the number of asthma attacks.

Haruhiko Inufusa

About Haruhiko Inufusa, Project Professor
Specially Appointed Professor, Division of Antioxidant Research, Joint Research Department, Center for Scientific Research Infrastructure, Gifu University, Tokai National University Organization
Chief Researcher, Antioxidant Research Laboratory, Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center
Chief Researcher, TIMA Anstalt Medical Foundation
Executive Committee Member of the Evidence Generation Committee of the Japanese Society for the Prevention of Dementia, Councilor of the Japanese Gastroenterological Association (Tokai area), Japanese Society of Endoscopic Surgery

He graduated from Kinki University School of Medicine in 1982, and from Kinki University Graduate School of Medicine in 1988 (Doctor of Medicine), specializing in gastrointestinal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and research on cancer metastasis. After retiring from Kinki University, he started his research on alcohol metabolism, glucose and lipid metabolism, and oxidative stress as a chief researcher at TIMA Anstalt Medical Foundation in 2007, and became a specially appointed professor at the newly established Department of Antioxidant Research, Gifu University in 2013. He is currently conducting research on oxidative stress and antioxidant combination products "Twendee X and Twendee Mtcontrol".

Research Institutes
Gifu University
The University of Tokyo
Okayama University
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Department of Radiation Physics, University of Regensburg [Regensburg, Germany]
French Academy of Sciences [Paris, France]

Research Institutes



Patented in Japan and other countries around the world. The useful ingredients do not contain any chemical compounds, and only raw materials whose safety and quality are guaranteed are used.

 Strict Safety Standards
The products we manufacture and sell are JAS organic, ISO 22000 certified, and GMP certified by the Japan Health Eikyo.





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